3 Secrets To Help DOUBLE Your Raffle Ticket Sales......

January 02, 2016 Kevin Baker

So you have decided to hold a raffle to raise money for your organization. Great choice! No other fundraiser is as easy to start and run as a raffle. But did you know that there are three secrets that can easily double the amount of tickets you sell? Over twenty years of helping organizations such as yours pull off successful raffles have taught us these secrets and we are happy to share them with you.
#1 LET’S MAKE A DEAL ! …. When pricing your raffle tickets, be sure to use the upsell. Charging $5 for a raffle ticket? Why not offer 3 tickets for $10 or 8 tickets for $20 ? You will be surprised how many customers will want those “free” chances to win. Also, many customers will only have a ten or twenty dollar bill and will purchase more tickets because of the “free” tickets. Best of all, you have just DOUBLED or QUADRUPLED your sale ! Just be sure to order enough tickets because you WILL sell more this way.
#2 CASH IS KING ! …. The key to a successful raffle is an awesome prize that everyone will want a chance at winning. Notice that word “everyone” ? That is the hard part. Choosing a prize that everyone will want to win is down right impossible. Although a Yeti cooler will appeal to a large percentage of potential customers, it may not be on the wish list of a 73 year old grandmother. But guess what is? Cold hard cash. Why not offer that Yeti cooler OR $300 cash? Now you are appealing to that 27 year old camper AND that 73 year old grandmother. Simply take the value of the prize and offer a slightly lesser dollar amount. When purchasing the prize before the drawing, be sure and tell the business you are buying it from that you may be returning it if the winner chooses cash. And while we are on the subject, most retailers will give you a much better deal on prizes if you tell them it is for a raffle.
#3 DID WE MENTION THAT CASH IS KING ? … Let’s face it. The people in your organization are the best. But sometimes even the best of us need motivation. Choose our stub that has a space for “Sold By _______” and offer a cash prize to the person who sells the winning ticket. But why not offer a prize to the person who sells the MOST tickets? Facts are many of your sellers simply do not have the opportunity of selling the most tickets and will not be motivated. By giving a prize to whoever sells the winning ticket, you motivate ALL sellers to sell as many tickets as possible because every ticket sold is a chance for them to also win.
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