About Our Tix ....

We have been providing organizations such as yours with quality raffle tickets for over twenty years.  This experience makes it possible to offer our quality raffle tickets at such a great price.  

Our raffle tickets are printed on card stock, not thin paper.  Each ticket is perforated for easy tearing and contains matching numbers on the stub and body.  Choose from eight colors of stock printed with black ink.  

So why do we offer only one style of raffle ticket?  Simple.  This style of raffle ticket not only looks great but is very cost effective.  Two decades of experience has taught us that the two major factors that make supporters buy a raffle ticket are 1) your organization and 2) the prize.  A very expensive full-color raffle ticket with pictures does not increase your sales....only your costs.  And after all, every dollar not spent on tickets is a dollar your organization makes on your raffle.

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